Specialize in Nonya Otah, Banana Leaves Otah (Manufacturer and Supplier)
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Uncle’s Otah’s endeavour to provide high-quality “home-made” otah has been a family tradition since the 1970’s. Our secret recipe was handed down by our founder’s uncle, hence the company name to preserve our heritage. Being second generation and one of the very few “home-made” otah suppliers in Singapore, we continue to focus on excellence not only by preparing our otah with the finest of ingredients but also by replicating the traditional preparation process. In other words, we promise a taste of nostalgia!

While our selection of mouth-watering otah is our core business, we also provide an array of other delectable local delights such as Nasi Lemak, Fishball, Sambal Chilli and Ikan Bilis etc.
We supply to multiple caterers, bakeries and food outlets across Singapore.

So call us at 9181 9984 to tantalise your taste-buds today!
Delivery may be arranged.

Our Menu

-Frozen Foods -
Frozen Otah 35g

35g×10 (350g): $4.50
Frozen Otah 45g

45g×10 (450g): $5.50
Frozen Otah 55g

55g×10 (550g): $6.50
Frozen Packed Banana Leaf Otah

10pcs: $8
Frozen Packed Otah Stick

20pcs: $6.80

-Otah Specialities -
Otah (Spicy / NonSpicy)
Raw : $0.40 / pc
Cooked : $0.50 / pcs
Fish Head Otah
Raw : $0.70 / pc
Cooked : $0.80 / pc
Banana Leaf Otah
(Sotong, Prawn , Fish , Fish Roe)
Raw : $1.20 / pc
Cooked : $1.30 / pc

Terms & Conditions

  • Delivery orders to be placed 2 day in advance.
  • Free delivery for order of $250 and above. (Excludes ERP gantry charges for CBD.)
  • Additional $30 delivery surcharge applies for areas in the West, CBD, Sentosa, Orchard Road.

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